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The Scourge of God - text


Known as the "Scourge of God", Attila united the Huns who were various tribes of Mongoloid warriors, invading the Roman empire from 436 to 453 cc.
Attila murdered his own brother to gain sole control over the Hunnish empire which ranged from the Rhine river to the Ural and as far north to the Baltic
Sea. The unholy king conquered lands to the Danube river to form the southern border of his almighty empire.

452 cc:
(Story: Sabathan)

As the king Roas was dying, he raised his crowned gift towards both brothers in hate.
By now Attila the great one will share a throne of pain with Bleda the weak:
"But a half king is nothing, there's no place inside my ranks for feeble souls. So my brother, is time for you to die..."
Attila king Etzel he became to ride proud through Illyria destroying all feeble Christians dogs from the Black to the Mediterranian seas.

452 cc:

Twenty years full of victories and pride had passed! With the Ostrogoth’s allegiance, whom he had conquered, the son of fire invaded the barbaric Lands
of Gaul, without an ounce of fear, trusting in his faithful archers.

Stopped by Roman general Fabius Aetius in Mediolanum, lord Attila held his march to claim his strength... Fabius proposed a pact to the leader in war.

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