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Spells From the Underworlds - text


Across the desolated fields
Where only death prevails,
There in a distant world where the moonlight is eternal,
Darkness descends on our wizards tombs,
Bringers of pain.
My shadow is speakin' the hatred words
Which will make them walk again but not alone...
A horde of demons is circlin' this vast empire

Women were brought, naked and perverted as whore.
Those female cried of joy and pain hot and ready
As the infernal orgy is takin' place the sabbatical rites.
Lord of chaos, thy trifixion will soon be completed
To let the hecatomb of time and space appear

Bring us the unbounded terror,
For the remains of Jesus the nazarene,
For the blood of virgin mary
To celebrate our sabbatical rites here.
Bring us the unbounded terror,
For the remains of Jesus the nazarene,
To celebrate our sabbatical rites here...
And within the underworld

I was asked the my one thousand years old wizard
Where I came from:
''I'm from that place you call ASSIAH
Where souls can be taken by many,
Where spirits could rule as gods
And where blood got the most marvellous taste...
Time as come to walk those grounds my son!!!''

By the earth, by the ground, sorcerers are rising
And with them one hundred thousand deads are
Walking the sacred ground of Eden.

''Rise from your tomb, rise
And join our strength powerful wizards,
Join our rite to call our father...
The horned one will give his sentences towards christianity,
No place for wisdom,
Evil conceal a presage of desaster...

They'll never see the light of the sun again,
They will be leads within the underworlds...
They'll gave their blood for honour
to celebrate the unholy rites here...''

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