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Hellgium Messiah - text


Chosen Son of the Ibex King
Enthroned, blackened inquisitor
I spread the plagues and endless sins
Raised our dominion upon a 1000 sheeps
Now! A time to crush!
Swear my dictaturee,
Be our lamb!!!

Ten years of darkness, eternal might
Helligium´s Messiah against the light
A baphostorm in Satan´s league
Our glory lays within our ennemie´s fears


Sacrifice of a life for the glory of Blasphemies
For the Liberty of Identify

Lead: Nornagest

En son Nom!
In Zjn Naam!
In Sein Name!

Solo: Nornagest
Solo: Both

Text přidal trasher

XES Haereticum

Enthroned texty

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