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Enslavement Revealed - text


The signs were burnt within my flesh.
I've been taught the left and path, since my birth
Through Satan's realm my soul has been regained in torture,
And in a hateful power created by my father,
I'm the hatred one...
I'm the killer!
I am the one who will enslave you all,
I am satan and satan is your master,
Fear and disgust my pleasure...
I rule the world with perversity, my ecstasy!!!!
While fuckin' the innocence deeply
When the blood of a thousand pussies runnin' over my body,
There's no mercy driftin' within my bones...
I only believe in sin!!!

Rejection of the cross,
I was that soul whom poisoned your holy life,
When you'll feel my pleasure surrounding you...
My curse will follow in the shadows,
But surely for your torment
Like a sword entering slowly in your heart,
I will be there...!!

Like a long way through razor lands, cut from all over...
For sure you shall succumb in my name.

I Am the opposer, I am the opponent...
I am hypocrisy, I am cheating, hatred.
I am deception,
I am desolation, sodomy, perversity, lust, laziness and war.

I am the prince of this world, SATHANAS,
Thy angel of all extermination, I'm time and pain,
Which leads you to your enslavement...
I only believe in sin!
This delectable feelings runs through my brain.
I need more of it!
To tear apart your hearts makes me cumming...
To tear apart your daughters makes me bleeds...

Your sons dedicated to god, not for so long...
Soon they'll be within my flesh, as they're already my slaves.
In the realm of the purest fire reign.
In the kingdom of light, I dwell !!!

Obey me! I'm your king
Love me! I'm your father
Fight me! I'm your slaughter

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