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Transorbital Awakening (feat. Joel Omans of R.. - text


Your limbs are tied to the bed
An apparatus is crowned on your head
I turn the dial & your eyes roll back into your skull

The electric current flows through the twisted wires
A pungent smell of burnt skin enters my nostrils
The convulsing begins

You cry out for your mother
You cry out to God
I am your God now

I peel back your eyelids then force my fingers in
Between your eyes & their sockets

I shove them further
Driving them through the thin layer of bone
Perforating & severing your cerebral cortex

Black & bruised
You are discharging oose
You can feel the pain even through your comatic state
Black & bruised
Discharging ooze
You finally open your bleeding eyes

Transorbital awakening

I transcend the physical barrier
My larvae hatch
Intertwining our sentience

Deep inside your mind it resides
Peering through your eyes
You're it's new disguise
Swimming through your blood like a flood
It gains control
It devours you whole

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