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Forced to evolve
Mutating flesh
My skin dissolves
Forsaken by light
Enslaved by darkness
I am heartless
I've become a monster
When I look in the mirror, that's all I see
I'm not the man I used to be
Deformed and destined to die
Becoming the parasite
There's nothing left to live for
Beneath the surface only vengeance remains x2
In the face of defeat, I close my eyes
I let the hate bleed out as the rest of me dies
I found the strength in myself to overcome this hell x2

I made this hell my home
Molded by the flames of regret
I'll show you something you'll never forget

I am starting to wonder why I am here to begin with
I can't take this
Living a life of regret
No matter how hard I work I still end up in debt
I've been wasting it all away
Trying to be something I will never be
I'm the scum of the earth
I'm the product of a stillborn birth
There's nothing left inside of me
Just a glimmer of hope in the dark
That's all that's worth living for
While the demons inside me
Tear me apart
Thrown in the garbage while your mothers weep
Standing on your bones beneath

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