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So far, you have just been a buyer
You slave to sad and fake desires
So now, it’s time to join the riot
so nice to meet you
I let you steal my face
go wherever you like
‘cause I am one
maybe no one
I’m everyone, yeah
Mr. Hundred Thousand
Feeling every demon you hide
you still bleeding
for the bad feelings they forced you to swallow
join us, we are no one
So far, you have just been a client
and now want everything on fire
You think I’m your insane Messiah
So nice to meet me!
I’m the sun
grains of sand
you call me Hundred thousand
They gave you a name and a surname
but that name is their best lie
I am / we are one
I’m / we’re no one
I’m / we’re Mr. Hundred Thousand
I was sent to drop sand, yeah
in the eyes of these cunts, yeah yeah
I was sent as a saint, yeah
to make grand this poor land, yeah yeah
I already told you (pron. ya)
I’m no one
I already told ya (pron. ya)
one hundred thousand times
Choose a face and fight right now
Let them bleed out ri - right now
We are Father, son and holy spirit from ri - ri - right now
We can fight against the gravity
no analogies
new realities
same anatomy
new mentalities
to eternity
ri- right now!

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