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White Lamb Seducer (40 Days & 40 Nights) - text

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Are not my lips sweeter
Than the words of your lord?
You can’t banish the echoes
Of the voice of your heart
From your soul tainted in fire
You can’t erase me
Because I’m every your desire made flesh
I’m the dream you dread – I’m endless freedom
I’m the fire that burns into your veins
Like Samael in the garden of Eden
Silently and creeping
I come to open your eyes
40 days and 40 nights – in the desert with me
40 days and 40 nights – drink my sweet nepenthe
40 days and 40 nights – don’t refuse my strong hand
40 days and 40 nights – is a long time
Come to me without saying a word
‘cause words are very dangerous
They are sharp blades
Hidden under the dress
Of a bitch with honeyed eyes
Slowly I cross the threshold of your will
And I put the seed of doubt in your mind
Let me in, let me in…
Bow to me king of kings
Bow to me white lamb
Don’t be afraid…

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