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Pain, Pride and Regret - text


As back and forth, the blackest sheeps run
Their shell's a book, the truth is brought down
Soon out of the strife, new order shall arise
The beauty in failure, glory is their praise

Suck the dust of doctrine and belief
Spat by these armies in their dumb relief
All of their words call back the horde of sages
Carving the stone erasing the pages

Pain pride & regrets
In their dream of boundless might
Pain pride & regrets
The secret of their minds

The new faith imposed to the pure
For this disease there is no cure
Morrow, sorrow, are the same word
The end makes sound like chord

Pain pride & regrets
What a luscious bound
Pain pride & regrets
Enclosed in their black heart pond

Cleaning human fate with a purge
With the holy flame of a demiurge
Morrow, sorrow, are the same word
They march as a horde

In the land of mystery and power
The end attends the hour
In this dusk of gold
It's a message to unfold

Through mouth of stone
The message will be claimed
This name written on dust
Thrown wisdom and nasty lust

Text přidal Seraph

Project X-Katon

Ensoph texty

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