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Lies Of The Mirror Which Lies Not - text


A place so far
A hidden nail
A place so far
An empty mirror

A golden worm in the apple’s middle
Your burning tongue
Brands the ignorance’s nipple
Like cold steel flowers
Sharped by faith and terror
We are broken pieces of the shattered mirror

A place so far
A hidden nail
A place so far
A cursed mirror

Fat black dogs’ mouths are feeding
At the roots of your own withered faith
Your regret marches on

Le mani chiedono il pane
Le mani ricevono piaghe
Le mani che reggono il bene
E asciugano le lacrime al male

Blind the cursed mirror
Save your damned ego

The forsaken
Figure in your eyes
Is the lie of the mirror which lies not

Text přidal Seraph

Opus Dementiae - Per Speculum et in Aenigmate

Ensoph texty

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