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Leaving No Trace Behind (Ivan Karamazov: A Ru.. - text


The crowd acclaims the new man's return
Dissatisfied the keeper sneers
A new begin is an ancient thing
Making you free is killing your seed
To dry their eyes to remove the pain
Each step he makes grows up the stain
The kingdom is here you wait with no fear
In the land deceived all ask and receive

Long is the way back of the Virgin's Son
But the crowd is waiting for his hands
His face reminds the dawn of a new day
The word means that the time is come

Your waiting seems an eternity
But time is just like a breath of God
He comes to pay the dues he made
His word is more than a promise

One time he talked about freedom
The curse was cast upon mankind
These foreign eyes can't see the truth
That make free chaining you

When spirit turns to mortal
And death is the sacred gift
The silence sounds like a command
And friend turns to enemy

The way to father's home
Seems longer than the age of the world
Two thousand years of desert
And dust leaves no trace behind

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