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Cristallized ray of Light

Freezing flame in the mirror

Absolute purity in the most cruel joke

Absolute innocence in the serpent’s word
What I say
The dream I make
Nothing is real
But I’ll be

I see a child sitting by the path
I see the shade of the cross

Sleep my dear

Hot winds bring me the chant of the nails

In the flesh

In a misty morning of Golgotha
The sand was drenched by a silver tear

Silver tears and red-blood dew
Flower of the pain divine

The sky was empty and grey
Like the heart of a man

In the flesh - pain divine

Three naked cross
One only great silence

Cristallized ray of light
Freezing flame in the mirror

I see the signs of the thorns on his head

I see his smile

Silver tears, red-blood dew
Flower of the pain divine
In the flesh, dying flesh
Mirror of a coming life

Text přidal Seraph

Opus Dementiae - Per Speculum et in Aenigmate

Ensoph texty

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