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In The Blossom of Inertness - text


A throb in the skin At flicker touch of Mida’ s breed
Cut the dash With sparks of Eves long less then a while.

In the glint of a splintered nerve The rape of the sacred in the sow of the poisons.

Learning the lines In the grains oftiredness weath

Burning lies, the same flesh swallows the flames

the same skin empty the breath And no one shall remould this ashes for us

With brittle spittle sparks.Just keep follow the silence in the wind

‘mid deathless concept acclaims shed the shadows from your eyes

like tears of wax to soil the heart

A new livid , a new while, a new scar, aseventh warm

Frying shiver the canvans and hot whiters the skin.

Through the remains

The soul still cast shadows kiss
No shade to perceive

Broken , entrapturous at my feet
Is this what u promised me?

The void intertwining us in the harvest of the passions.

In the frames of the cells

The echoes is shattered through tha ashes of the thuths.

Bribes of affections like a violent caress

‘til the crawler oration calls the shadow dancers

Text přidal Seraph

Bleeding Womb of Ananke

Ensoph texty

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