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Holy Bleeds (Rodian Romanyc: A Russian Trilog.. - text


As your core has started to weep
Like the flowers of the night
A re-discussed voice that whispers
Is disappearing at your sight

No coming back
Just turn around
How could you stand
Just coming down
There is no chance
To feel the sound
Don't call the end
It kills with no wounds

Gods and men meet on the peak
Hails their souls with holy bleeds

I feel------- that all I could is all I am
that all you are is what I am
I feel--------that all the strength I feel in me
Is what I do just done to forgive?

As the clouds has started to thunder
Changing euphoria into fright
A sleepless age has passed with wonder
Dreaming in fear times of might

To kill is a fight..a fight engraved in to your eyes
Killing for pride as an act divine

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