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Proud to be a skinhead - text

Take a listen while I sing these words
Lend me your ears
And let my voice be heard
What's your problem with the life I lead?
And why do you always want to see me bleed?
Read the stories don't believe the lies
Think for yourself and use your own eyes
Don't be fooled into attack
Here's my promise, I'll hit back
Proud to be a skinhead
Proud and white
And I'm a working class man
Proud to be a skinhead
Proud and white
And I don't give a damn
People ask me why I choose this way?
On the edge of a knife from day to day,
Follow fashions or the latest trends
It's in my heart and it's in my mind
I'll battle on right down the line
Go with the flow, no fuckin' way
This is it and this is how I stay
Through they years some have tried their best
Try to make me just like all the rest
I've got my life and you keep living yours
Just a rebel but who's to blame
Am I a fool in a losing game?
If that's the case I chose this way
I live my life my own way

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