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To our brothers throughout Europe your pride is proud and true
United in the struggle for Europe it belongs to you
No governmental pressure or laws will stop the might
It's European unity that wins the peoples fight
Hail to our brothers in the racial fight
Hail to our brothers so proud and so white
Hail to our brothers don't ever fall
Hail to our brothers fighting Europe's call
In Britain we are fighting the pride will always show
In Sweden you keep fighting for the land of ice and snow
Our brothers throughout Hungary in Deutschland, France and Spain
Keep those banners flying through sacrifice and pain
In Denmark you are fighting we know you'll never run
In Holland and in Belgium the war has now begun
In the Eastern lands be ready the beast it still lives on
In Italy and Finland you'll sing your victory songs.
Brothers out there fighting or brothers held in jail
Keep that fighting spirit the gods won't let us fail
These lands belong to our kind the heritage, the pain
We must all hail victory don't let 'em come again

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