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I Need You Now - text


I can't sleep without you anymore
Leave the light on outside the door
Listen to the lullaby of an electric hum

Lately all my walls are crumbling
I've been letting go, I've been coming clean
Till you came along I never needed anyone

But I need you now
I need you now
I need you now

Filled up all the spaces you left in me
Silence is the perfect enemy
It's a simple thing to make it laugh, or to make it sing

When every morning hits you like a train
Working is the only novocaine
I got so busy being numb i couldn't feel a thing

But I feel it now
I feel it now
I feel it now

The sun is going down
The sky is gray
I haven't left the house
In seven days
Or more
Can't remember what this heart is for

I need you now
I need you now
I need you now

Text přidala alyssa18

Video přidala alyssa18

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