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I'm riding alone on this Road.
This journey is supposed to take me Home.
Looking out through the broken Glass...
Oh, I know that we are far from Home
I didn't see the flipside, but I wouldn't change a thing, Oh No!
You cannor see the reason, but I can't live a Lie.
Something happens to Me.
You send what you can, It's my Energy!
Without your faith, I'll die in Vain.
With your shot full of Force I will step to the Plate.
I'm searching for reasons to Smile.
I'm lucky to find lots of Saints.
Searching for reasons to smile.
I'm lucky to find lots of Saints on the Way.
The tarmac is rushing Below,
This journey is supposed to take me home.
Without your Faith,
I'll feel the Pain.
I think I'd die in Vain!
May the Saint's,
Help me to find...
Find my way!

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