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Not gonna tease you girl - text


Not gonna tease you girl

You walk your body, your mean little face
Right around me, alluring cliché
In the headlights, dumping like porn
I can see it’s just a disguise and groan.
Little shavers, drooling like dogs
Tell me, is this your goal?

If I wanted a stand for tonight,
If I acted just like all men around…

Not gonna tease you, girl
Not gonna heal your brain
Not gonna steal your fame
That dies out every morning

Little princess, invaded rose
I ain’t no expert at fighting bad worms
I never told you, what’s sad but it’s true
That I wanted to be the first to love you
My forgiveness (gonna) need some more time
still I owe you one ride

Feel the parts all connecting …tales from my life
Looking round, just selecting … she’s on my mind.

Text přidala Mishelinqua

Video přidala Mishelinqua

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