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For your smile - text


For your smile

day by day, roses overgrow
golden forging of your gate
every night, entering from the shade
holding candle, lady "Pale"

Going by, falling on my knees
Little pigmies hold your veil
Lavender blue, I just love your ways
more than any magic taste

for your love, for your smile
i sing my song that nobody knows
stay with me, stay for long
we are together, body and soul

in your hair, underneath your robe
my desire overflows
tender time, you know I´m gonna faint
oh, my darling, I'm ashamed

i´ve seen a girl like you many times in dreams
and now you´re walking right beside of me
I believe in fantasies, I believe in you and me
all the things that we can say, Miracles for we could pray
I believe in what we´ve done, I believe in time to come
foolish dreams that will come true, all the days to be with you

Text přidala Mishelinqua

Video přidala Mishelinqua

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