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Flashback - text



I don’t answer my telephone
I don’t know who is at my door
Is it such a crime / no it is just fine
The music in my earphones
Sounds like million years ago
And I want to make them show
Memories sweet and slow

wow ... , we are laughing on the train
That’s a kind of drift away
wow, living up the sunny day

Waking up old days because
It’s something we can’t ignore
Rejoicing in the snow
Dating girls inspired
My direction was a hurricane
there's so much that we share today
so much so much love
feel my old desire ?

First time you kissed me
I saw your tears I couldn't make it
But it all got round into the end
in the end, in the end
Wow, don’t wanna fake it
My brain just cannot take it
And I'm gonna sing it again ...
( we found the revelation ... )

Text přidala Mishelinqua

Video přidala Mishelinqua

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