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Blowing affair - text


Blowing Affair

Lately I made your eyes
Filled with despair
Leaving them all alone,
Blunting their glaze.
Lay on the bathroom’s floor
Missing your grace
Deep in my nerves, in spine
Memories came.

Midnight in park, staring on the trains,
You were always laughing
Italian sauce’s burning in my head,
Happy dust and money.
Dreadlocks drowned in the lemonade

(we‘re) scorching on the prayer.

I wish you came now, and saw the morning robins
Listen to their choir, finding my door
I wish you came and rescue my poor body,
Doing it for …don’t know it anymore….

I lay back in my car
Loaded in flare
What was it all about
Blowing affair
I dive into my vain
Recalling smile
And then I see you there
Falling apart.

Hold my hand, delight in my hair,
Oh, let’s get back, on the night train.
I regret I left you alone

I wish you came now.....)

Text přidala Mishelinqua

Video přidala Mishelinqua

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