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Whine and Dine - text


As we sit down to this lovely gourmet meal the candle light is shining off your face
I gaze into your beautiful eyes... you give me this hideous look
A look that's meant to kill coming from a face so dull
Open up your eyes and see what you have missed
This night would be so perfect if only you would care
Did you really think that I did not know how to save you from choking on your own tongue?
This is what I call revenge held in for so long
Now you're swallowing my pain instead of your dessert
Each slice you cut to your filet cuts into me
Bite hard, chew fast, I hope you choke on more than just your ignorance
Cough up my love
Given a dish that's best served cold
I never regret the days that I see you
I just regret that day that I met you

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Homeland Insecurity

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