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High Friends In Low Places - text


My faith has fallen prey and I just can't bear the weight
living loathing dying every day
my hands, they shake
my will, it breaks
apathy, where's your embrace?
so you dig a ditch and lay falling deeper into this world that you create
let the sorrow fade away, take your mind to a new place
you cannot grow while you decay
all the worry, all the pain

all the progress that has surely gone to waste
all the wonder, all the shame
this is a monument to what we'll never be

"your selfishness has tried to break me down
you cut my throat to quench your thirst for my blood
you are a liar/a fucking fake
a parasite with no remorse/a fucking disgrace"

when faith falls prey

your world drags me down
there is only you, I don't exist
inside your world/only you
I dont exist/inside your perfect world
it's not your perfect world
things that we love/will not carry on
you've shattered my view of the world

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Endwell texty

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