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So I'm staring at the night, while I'm bleeding here to die
Barely holding on to life and I've never felt this light

There's a burning in your eye. As you calmly drink your wine
And I'm scared I'll lose my mind
Yeah I'm scared I'll lose my mind

Sip poison as you planned
The liar's sleight of hand
I blindly 'talk your talk'
As your smile stains my thoughts

Pray I fade
Paint the coward, that’s your game
Chase my fate
Hold your breath and lay the blame
We look to the sun, we stare for hours
We sing to the moon, we chase desire
We run for the stars to spark a fire
And we run, and we run and it burns like hell

Now you're staring at the man, cos' the boy can't understand
No he never stood a chance

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