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This could be my last chance
Laying in a fading light
The cold of night comes over me
Cherishing this last breath
Could I be alone in this
One mortal wish to set afree
To close my eyes in peace
This all I am
All I feel
All I believe inside
This is all I breathe
All I bleed
My only dream worth fighting for
Feelings crossing over
Crawling through the cracks
Of this abandoned mind and broken heart
Hold me
Tell me I'm not broken
Tell me there's a way for us
A place for us to come away
And start all over again
But I can't see through my dreams
What's laying awake on the other side
And nobody tried to save me
And nobody ever will believe
That something is calling for me
And in the end I'll see through it all
See through it all

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All I Am


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