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Tie Me A Rope… While You're Calling My Name - text


A new day, a new night
And you're walking with the pain
Did you sleep?
Did you hide, hide all the tears from me?
It's a cruel way, it's a cruel life if you hope to fall away
It's your demon, that's calling
You'll too close again
Tie me a rope while you calling my name
Counting the days, is it my last right before you saving me from the insane?
Tell me, dead rose, why you're calling my name?
Counting the days that makes you an insane
The decay that you hide
And you're walking with the blame
Did you see new moonlight?
Hide all the shame from me
It's a new way, it's a new life
If we hope to find a way
It's a new wave that's hauling
Meet my rose again
This day I am down on my knees, this day I am out of reach
Can you save me, save me now?
This day I will be in a blaze, this day I will follow your trace and you take me, take me now

Text přidal Azazel-Andel

Video přidal Azazel-Andel

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