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The Painstreet - text


See you at the painstreet, meet me borderline
See you at the daybreak
I can see a sign
Fear - to fear the worst
Scared and lost and broken
Fear it's worse
I am a wreck, i am broken
See you at the painstream
Join me for the ride
See you at your nightmare
Knives are kept in sight
We can see another, fear each other
Brothers and sisters hate each other
Son and lover killed by mother
Pain is the world to set me free
Makes me free
There's no peace for lovers
Sheets to cover
Brothers and sisters hate each other
Son and father killed the mother
God is the pain that lives in me
A bad moon on the rise could be a blessing disguise
I cannot reach you
Sad alone with myself
The struggle seems bad on my own
Let the daybreak arise

Text přidal Azazel-Andel

Video přidala JesseVampire

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