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Conditions remain… required to exit from this existence.
Although a solution seems impossible, I dread to fall into the cycle.

Attrition attained… desire to plunge further in the sea of humanity… is no longer persistent or possible. I long for a time when nothing seemed impossible.

This is not a welcoming.
From the underworld to the overground
I belong… anywhere… but here.
The mask has fused to my face, I have become my disguise
And all I despise.

As I plunge deeper still into this social abyss,
All I'm taught, all I retain
Reminds me of how much I've changed.

Deeper, further, I watched rebel lungs explode inside.

Deeper still the sockets rupture.
On they plunge and disintegrate.
Become nothing, become nothing, become nothing,
Become nothing more… than desensitized drops in an immeasurable ocean.

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