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Staring at the man I see in mirror
I don't see the warrior I know I've been
Where did we put our souls to rest
To give our children a better chance
I can hear the riot in the streets
I can smell the battles on my land
Mother nature where's our gold?
The meaning of our lives?
Walking alone in your disguise
We're so strong we'll never fall
Holding our souls out of paradise
The struggle of hope for our future left
Chasing we shadows you left behind
We're back on track, we're born to raise hell
Leading to where we would need to hide
Never again lions for lambs
Looking at the world we've been trapped inside
I can see the warrior we might have been
Where did we hide our faith in us
To give our planet a better life
I can see the truth we carry on
I can feel the shadows in our soul

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Channelling the Infinite

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