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Out of the sea at the breaking of dawn
His silhouette cut from the sun
Foretold to be for this he was born
A new age of man has begun
Uniter of tribes destroyer of sin
But wicked his means to the ends
The ashes of cities and armies to come
Would scatter like leaves on the winds
Haunted by dreams and a calling
The voice of a king that rings in his head
Visions of empires falling
The prophecy coming to the life said the witch
Born a king born fighting
My enemies will burn
All the world uniting
The tyrant has returned
He armies grew quickly he swept through the land
A natural a leader of men
The souls of the fallen that fell to his feet
Feeding his power within
Trapped were these spirits unable to leave
Stuck between heaven and hell
A tyrant that no one would ever defeat
As long as he harnessed this spell
Say a goodbye to the ways of the old
Abandon the pleasures of life that you hold
The witch has the eye and says
It's foretold it is my destiny this I now know
I will reign fire across this land until all men unite as one
Beneath one flag, one man
And that man is me yelled out in prose
End born a king on the throne of thrones never to be removed

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