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Somerset - text


All the greats, all the masterworks, On your desk

Let them go a while

and come outside

Let’s talk about Something that’s real, like ‘Please don’t get over me’

Cause I’ve heard

That you met someone

What’s her name?

What’s she like to love?

And I guess that this is coming Late in the day, but

Please don’t get over me

F Scott Fitzgerald Tennessee Williams Please can we talk about AM

Something different

Tell me you’re sorry,

I’ll say I’m sorry too, because I can’t get over you


I can’t get over

Tennesee Williams Somerset Maugham

OH I don’t care about that

Classical records Dinosaur Junior

Oh I don’t care about that

Just tell me you’re sorry

I’ll say i’m sorry too You kept your distance

I didn’t come to you Now i can’t get over !

All the greats

On your reading list

Kept you safe

From the hours i missed

Are they enough for you now that I set you free?

Please don’t get over me

Please don’t get over me

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