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What's She Got? - text

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So great that you’re in love
But why d’you call me up at 2am?
To say it’s kinda tough
But she can’t stand all your friends
Funny how when we hang out
Stare all night at your phone
Oh stop, guess what
The guilt trip works and you gotta run home
What’s she got?
You said you wouldn’t change
What’s she got?
You know to her it’s just a game
What’s she got you can’t resist
She treats you so bad but you just can’t quit
You come runnin’ when her fingers snap
A guy like you deserves better than that
What’s she got you look so down
You never frown like that when I’m around
It’s true
All she’s got that I don’t have is you
How come you give so much
When she’s all take, take, take
And when she’s mad at you
My heart begins to break
What’s she got?
She’s just killing time
What’s she got?
Maybe one day you’ll be mine
A perfect life
A perfect smile
And perfect legs that go on for miles
A perfect house
A perfect car
And a second home
In the South of France
And all those clothes
With designer names
And shoes and bags it’s such a shame
But maybe I can understand it’s true
Why you think you love her like you do…
So that’s what she’s got you can’t resist…

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