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Once there was a forest of light
Where the darkness would shine golden bright
And there was no divide between the day and night
Or so a mother told her child
Once there was a wish that came true
Where I found my belief and gave it to you
And before love grew old it became something new
A wild eyed flower in the wild
Dreaming trees your face among the falling leaves
Dreaming trees your voice upon a gentle breeze
Your shadow on my memory
Dreaming trees
Dreaming trees
Paint the dust and colour the rain
Break your silence and tell me your pain
And if god knows the truth he’ll never explain
But there are answers in your smile
We walk these woods we lie in the grass
We talk about life while we watch it pass
Like a rose petal sailing down a silver stream
Past the chestnut tree where we used to dream
Dreaming trees
Dreaming trees another time another place
Dreaming trees you walk in beauty dressed in lace
Forever in a state of grace
Dreaming trees

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