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Gatman & Robin - 50 Cent - text


Gee wilikers Gatman, they got me surrounded

[50 Cent]
I'm on my way

[Refrain: 50 Cent]
I got a gat, man, if there's a problem I'mma solve it
A nigga movin' around with a big-ass revolver
And a Mac, man
What the fuck are you retarded
You touch Shady, I'll leave you dearly departed

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
They saying Batman, Robin, Cagney and Lacey
It's 50 Cent and Shady, the worst, baby
You put your hands on my peoples I'll react crazy
Put a hole through your front and your back, maybe
But go 'head, you try me
I'll have your ass hooked up to an I.V
I leave no witnesses when I ride, B
You fuck with me, you'll see
I react like an animal and tear you apart
If a masterpiece was murder I'd major in art
Niggas know I was wrapped too tight from the start
But being a little off landed me on top of the charts
So you take the good with the bad, I guess
Level three Teflon plate on my chest
Hear me cock back hollow-tip range in the chamber, danger
Anger'll change ya, and make you aim and squeeze

[Hook: 50 Cent & Eminem]
I got a gat, man
If there's a problem I'mma solve it
A nigga movin' around with a big ass revolver
And a bat, man
Motherfucker, you retarded?
You touch 50 I'll leave you dearly departed

[Verse 2: Eminem]
We're walking away from a beef in which clearly you started
I said we're walking away, did you hear me?
You oughta be thankful that we ain't beefin
We'll disagree and just leave it at (that!)
Cause if me and 50 and G-Unit hop back in that (bat!) mobile
It ain't gonna be no more rap it's gonna be, brrat
Retaliation, it'll be like them Muslim Shiia, attacks
Somewhere along the line it's like me and 50 made a (pact!)
He's got my back, I got his back (back!)
It's almost like we're kinda like Siamese twins
Cause when we beef we pull each other into the bullshit
Like we're conjoined at the hip, it's just unavoidable
Some of the shit is squashable; some shit'll never boil over
Some of it will just simmer at best if left alone
But let it be known there will be no sitdowns
With no Daves and 'Zinos, there will be no peace discussions with me
There ain't gonna be no friendly debates over crumpets and tea
Just quit fucking with me and I'll gladly quit fucking with you
Just spit your sixteen and do what you gotta do to get through
Without mentioning me, or the machine of Jimmy Iovine or Dre or 50
Or D-Twizzie, Obie and just let it be
Or we'll be (knock knock) with a


[Verse 3: 50 Cent]
Nigga you get it twisted, you gon' get your wig splitted
I don't give a fuck, I don't care if police know I did it
Man I hussle, I get money in the sunshine or a blizzard
I go hard for that paper, homie, I just gotta get it
Got a money scheme, you plot it, you can count me in I'm with it
You cross me you gon' make a cemetary visit
That's gangsta, you know me I talk because I live it
Shell cases drop, when that choppa chop, way up the block
Get hit with copper tops, when the drama pop, hell I'mma pop
And it won't stop, you can run call the cops
This ain't new, niggas know how I be on it
That shit you got, put my pistol to you, I want it
It's not a game; perfect aim; you feel the flame up against your brain
Man it's so hot I make you wish it'd rain


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