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(Ho Ho Hey) A Way For Santa's Sleigh - text


Once upon a dream of Christmas Eve
When every glowing Christmas light
Began to flicker and then died
Before the stroke of midnight

And every boy and girl
In the entire world
Began to cry
Pleading that god would make a way
For Santa's sleigh tonight

God please make
A way for Santa's sleigh
He may fear
We don't want toys this year

With the sun and crash of light
The drunken streams of Christmas lights
Became so bright
And dried up all their eyes
As every voice was lifted

Fly, fly as fast as you can
(It's Christmas day, it's Christmas day)
We'll wait for you, don't be late
(It's Christmas day, it's Christmas day)

So the story ends with every child
Receiving every present
They deserve for saving Christmas time
And guiding Santa's sleigh ride.

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