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Watch as the demons dance - they move like a spider
Look in the devil's eyes , as he goes for the kill
In the valley of truth the shadow is just getting wider
While the fingers are freezing the potion is starting to chill
Still we all walk on, one by one

A spectre is screaming, there's fire in the heat of the city
The neon is burning- the walls are starting to crack
Even under the ground the subway is littered with pity
Just look over your shoulder you'll notice a knife in your back
Still we all walk on, one by one

Out of this cocoon - reachin' for the moon, we pray
Though our dreams are made of sand,
there's fate in every hand we play
We're searchin' for the flame, where in Heaven's name
will light be found again

So when will the falcon rise - I'm starting to wonder
His talons are sharp as a dagger , he's looking for blood
'Til we carry the word of light, we'll be hidden by thunder
'Til we open the door of our being we'll drown in the flood
Still we all walk on, one by one

Out of this cocoon...

Text přidala Richenza

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