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The Last Legion - text


We were raised as warriors
Our descent is vast
We will come to chime the judgement bell

We were born prepared
Holy blood in our veins
We will return to break with the past

Blood is on our flag,
Reduced to ash
In the fading light

All our heroes have died
Revive our hearts
Broken apart

We are facing the sun
Heads held up high
Now's the time to die

We wield our forebears' blade
Parting darkness and light
Our credence is imperturbable

We will be reborn
When we reunite
With all our might, in grandeur

Through the mist, wafting signs
Blood trickles in my brain
Sacred doom
Comes over me, not in vain

I cannot escape the new reign
But I can prevail over death
I will follow the just
So we'll be victory led

The Last Legion
The Last Legion
The Last Legion

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