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Pipes Are Calling - text


By night they came
Brought fire and pain
Murdered and plundered
And vanished in haze

Fathers and sons
Sworn to fight
And to resist with all their might

For our descendants will be free
We will hold on

Pipes are calling
Summoning us to war
The blare of battle horns
Are calling from afar
Oh brothers of the oath
Let's hear our battle cry
We're ready to die

Gather your weapons
Carry the call
The pipes are playing
With glory we'll fall

Beloved ones
Farewell to you
There's no way back
We follow the tune of war

For our descendants will be free
We will hold on

Pipes are calling...

„Oh, we march again
Through mist and rain
Towards the battlefield
Clouds are gathering
Thunder and lightning crushes the sky
As we will crush the enemy"

And if we fall in battle as free men
With swords in our hands
The pipes then will play our requiem
Our names will live on
Till the end of time
When these days have bygone

Pipes are calling...

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Emerald texty

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