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Words of Ancient Wisdom - text


All my life I've listened to some fuckin' words
That you only used to utter to fill up your mouth

Justice and redemption
Forgiveness and mercy
Honesty and family
For the eternal life

Words of ancient wisdom
Words of ancient wisdom

I must do what you tell me to do and don't look what (you) do
You're the greatest preacher but you have to learn to practice
What you spit on me every fuckin' day
I'll torn you your mask and (I'll) show what you (really) are

Cowards and servants
Of a golden God
Hidden in the darkness
Of a shining cross

Slavery and money
Power and corruption
Control of the brains
All you want is gain

Words of modern wisdom
Words of modern wisdom

You are used to frighten to get rich and to cheat the weak
Offering for prayers that is what you'll barter me
I don't want your answers, I don't need your questions
You're just what you condemn, shelter for the damned

Text přidal DevilDan

Chaotic Age

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