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Among the Living Dead - text


You’re spending all the time on chasing to homologize
Each other thoughts, each other empty minds
You’re lying on this Earth like ground zero ruins
Bewildered, unable to control your lives

I am not as
All you want
I’m alone among
The living dead

Your lives are flowing through the cracks of your society
Behind a smile, behind your false morality
I don’t know if you don’t want or if you can’t reject
Are you so blind? Maybe too coward to regret

I was born naked
Your God forsaken me
No control on my head
I own ideas and desires
Nothing can dominate my thoughts
Or shape my dreadful soul
Eradicate my independence
From mankind
I can’t wake up every morning
And walk through these streets
So full of dying living

You’re stuffing all your minds with cheating and empty lies
With louder laughs, it’s easier not to hear the cries
The only cure you need is a collective aphasia
To listen to your thoughts, to escape from apathy

I am not as
All you want
I’m alone among
The living dead

You are too stupid to realize
That you’re just spinning in the glance of your eyes
You are surviving like there wouldn’t be any way out
You’d better die; you’d better leave this void behind

I’m alone among the living dead

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