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Solitude of My Own - text

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Years have passed now
It's another time and another world
Yet still it's all the same
Nothing ever seems to change
Dark powers manifest
Malignant horrors in my mind
Constant voices, sung by the damned
Crying out unhallowed, thoughts in my head
I have trusted and I have believed
I have pledged and I have sacrificed
My blood and mind, body and soul
Ravished and ruined after all I have done
My heart has turned to stone in this godforsaken world
My mind so I'm pure by all the filth
It is constantly exposed to
Greed, lies, betrayal is tragic
But, oh so very dominant
In the nature of creatures that are surrounding me
I now find my only shelter
In the solitude of my own
A small flame of hope
Lit somewhere out in the endless dark
Yet it's still all the same
Will it ever change ?
Fallen from grace
Surely I must be lost
My mind grows darker
As the time shows no changes
Creating venomous acts
Of emotional rejection
Deprivation of all levels
What have I done to deserve
A life so incomplete
All my dreams erased by fools
Broken promises, one after one
There can be no trust anymore
I feel the end is near
I dont have the strength
To cut me loose
I am falling apart emotionally
A soul in solitude lost forever
In the greatest of all suffering, madness and sorrow
Elements of which no euphemistic words
Can ever alleviate

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