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I felt so alive but now I'm like a number no one dials
Everybody knows everybody goes another way
Like a vacant sign flickering on empty every night
Everything I hold everything I own on display.

Something in my blood that flows through all my veins
That nothing's good enough till the hour it goes away
Now the gloves are off we both will grab our knives
Aren't you the darkest horse my alien in white
Well only beat it together

Your body warms that scent and I'm hallucinating you again
Every living hour of every dying day without a break

You're out of my league
You're out of my mind
You're out of my sight
You're out of my life

But we're in this hole we're in this mess forever
So if you're in doubt if you want out
be sure you're not lost cause you'll be found out
Forget all the rest cause we will go down together

Well only beat it together

Text přidala Ketyss

Video přidala Ketyss

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