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Embrace the Darkness - The Nameless One - text

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People spoke about me
In their stories
About the one
Who have sacraficed for them
They laid me to a grave
Without the sign
To try to forget
To all they've done
It's the time
Time to arise
Out of sight
To make them cry
Never forget
That unseen evil is much dangerous
Than the one that you can face
When the memories fade away
We shall probably meet again
Life may be a grim and the pain
Death is the deliverence of decay
When the memories fade away
We shall probably meet again
Sky is full of lethal flame
While the end is comming
Vengefull spirit with no mercy of life
The reaper of souls
Comes from the edge of the world
Where you can hear the silence
Emptiness is only single word
Utill you die and you can feel it
On the tomb stone engraved
Sentence of death for betreyal
I'm the unwritten page
In the chronicle of time
Emtpy place in the bookshelf
In the library of life
I'm the shadowsfear the silence
Streaming through the deepest night
Empty place in the bottle with
Blood of your fallen savior
I am the glory of the kings
And the weeknes of mankind
I'm the prize for a warrior
For his honor death
I'm Nameless...
They will know my name
Till the end of times
Till they reach the edge
Of their puny lives
Once they'll realize
Injustice they've made
It will be too late
For mercy from me
Cause I am the nameless one
I am the nameless one
I will be fear in their eyes
I will justify their lies
Their lies
Their lies
Their lies

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