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an empty space escapade
for blind dates' amateurs
spinnin' round & iced planets
direction still uncertain
this honeymoon in hell
dare-devils furious joyride
let us explode - a dead end
our worlds'colliding crash test
no bullet proof shields shelter
blackout sudden attack
we're going down and under
fracture the structure now
divided and aggressive
our secrets well prepared
paralell & illusive exile
at medium sized flashpoint
banshees' lament echoes now
sorrowful chain reaction
envious words' cannonade
brisk arguments unheard
bothered by odds and ends
conceptions cancelled soon
luxuriate in general schemes
meet me at vanishing point
analyze this surface tension
supernatural equation
foreseen episodes
experience director's cut
a trendy fashion collection
eradicate eminent style
rewind the allegories
universal aesthetic escalate
lookin' forward to tantrum
no savin' quiet creche
leaden heart's crescendo
current thrill right in-your-face

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