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Still goin' nowhere
Wasted nation burial ground
Blood on our hands
Castrate the souls of the damned
Dead city lights
Skid row terror line, terror team
Unleashed bloodhounds
Our pride won't be denied
Got nothing to regret
We damn this godforsaken place
Armed with fury and hate
To bring you new sadistic reign

Generation fuck, food fast
You can ran but you can't hide
have a nice day at the killing fields
Hostile bullshit sucks
Force fed with your ignorance
Social cleansing state
This one last time you've pushed too far
Misery is our company
Read between the lines
This made us what we are
We got no choice - no wrong or right
I'd rather die on my feet then live on my knees
Forgive - only the strong survive
This time we rise
Teard down the wall
Kill or be killed
Eye for an eye
Don't get me wrong
You slow - you blow
God's on our side
Let our kingdom come

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