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Down There We Stand
But We Won't Disintegrate
Once Abstract & Ugly Mass
Regain What's Pure
Scenery Bleaks
With YoourShoulder To The Wall
Hysteria Escapade
We've Come For You All!
Sharpen The Scythe
Eager For Mainstream Fall
Let The Killing Now Begin
Hostage Hunter
Addicted To The Blood
Bring Justice For The Infirm
Declare The War
Erase The Corporate
Against The Conformists
Industrial Hell
Proud To Be Renegade
We Are The TNT
Practice What You Preach
And Authorise The Fall
Instead Of Bursting Out
Press Panic Button Now
The Cruel Charade
Inspire Riot Act
Civilisation Crash
Fury Context
Purgatory Extreme
And Power To The Brave
Down Where You Stand
There's No Turning Back
Abridge Final Chapter
Unbalanced Trial
Sores Open Wide
In Your Air-Tight Cabin
No Peaceful Dug-Out
This Is The End
Attack With Hate
Wolves Gather Arround You
Dedicated To The Fight
Enslave Severe
Obey Power Command
A Cannon Fodder's Triumph

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