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4,48 for Sarah - text

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hey little girl
hope you guess my name
let me now
eliminate myself
serial victim - a black sheep
jaded & chronic castaway
well she is all alone
absent, alien, frozen heart
still believes in nothing
in her solid garbage bunker
from the hour zero - damned
polluted neverland
yesterday frames - torn apart
I'll paint the sky in dissonance
no good ever comes of this
as I fuck up old fairytales
intravenous bitter pills
suck the light out from my eyes
stripped of all but troubles
download damaged passion
razorblade - highway to hell
suicidal hollow showdown
hooks in my dried skin
acrid, dready, dull & tied
hide'n'seek - playin' dead now
scavenge silver dazzle
don't need another devil's advocate
encouraged doctors
hope to leave before the dawn
I'd never bite this hand

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