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When Pleasure Turns to Curse - text

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Go straight down
stairway to hell.
There´s no way up,
there´s no way back.
Straight down to death.
Those days full of lust
change into months of trial
change into years of pain.
A bright world turns
to a black snuff
everything´s transient
nothing lasts forever
malign entity lies.
In wait hidden in your satisfied urges
slow living dying
pleasure turns to curse.
Is - that - a God´s punishment
or - just - a natural choice?
There - is - no suffering´s cure
to die - to kill - the same sense in your eyes,
God - of - evil change.
A desperate defence failed
te attack strikes on
with a blind and crushing power
nobody will save you now
not even your guardian ... angel
I loved that beautiful
and prightly eyes
the girls were beautiful
when drinking beers
the life was beautiful
long live my life!
The life was beautiful
long live my life!!!

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