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Relief by the Sun - text


The life without you, seems like another time
I can't remember, even how hard I try
Then you appeared, you are the bane of my life
Never give in, never give up the fight

And I hated you, with all my heart
I tried to fight, only battles where won
So I made my peace, with you afflicting me
Until I find a way, to destroy your effigy

Feel the might of the sun, burning down on thee
Like the coward you are, you hide inside of me
Even the might of the sun, it won't set me free
Gathering your strength, to return for all to see

And return you did, with a vengeance
Benign you were, now you're fighting me
You are leading me to the edge of sanity
Malignant curse, why don't you leave me

Cause I cannot sleep, oh it's because of you
I'm getting weary of this never ending war
It's not that I'm giving up, but it's getting harder
It's not the last stand, here comes the sun again

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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